viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

Hello my family is small a dad consists of a breast a sister and I we are a very close family and love ourselves very much

my sister is annoying graceful and bold.

My mother is very affectionate demanding exagerate aveces on the other hand

my dad is very entertained even that is egocentric It he looks like to Zac Efron

I have two dogs one is an old English shepherd its name is barrabas is big and strong for that eats zucaritas it is a white color with grey and is my favorite I want it very much.

I am a beautiful modest vain discharge much likes to buy his clothes and I am obsecionada for the tennis practical raquet boll though I like the squash.
My favorite group is linkin park my favorite singer is Chesster Beninntong since I am charmed with his shouts

my love is toby goes out in the movie spider man for my is the perfect man

I like very much the famous actrtiz Silvia Navarro she goes out in Televisa and is of the more asked by the public since really fence is good